I Broke My 2D

I touched 2D’s head and it came off in my hand! I didn’t panic. I asked the interwebs and they guided us through it.

This isn’t a tutorial about how to fix a vinyl toy. Just documenting how I fixed my beloved 2D.




I had to buy a whole bag of wooden dowels. Now I can fix his head 26 more times.

I whittled the dowel so it would fit into his neck hole without shoving it in.



2D takes a closer look before I mix the glue. I used gloves but didn’t spill a drop of glue. I respected the 5 Minute Epoxy and it treated me right.



The above picture was taken after the glue set. I mixed it in the included mixing pan with the included spatula, then dipped the head end of the dowel in a nice, neat dollop of glue. No pictures ’cause I was super nervous and I only had 5 minutes, and used about 1 of them for mixing.




Held the dowel in place for about 9 minutes (whew) for the glue to set. I left it alone for an hour for the glue to cure before I connected his head to the body.

I didn’t glue the wood to the body. It sits in the neck there pretty well. I can still turn 2D’s head but I probably won’t be fussing with it too much just to be safe.

Almost perfect fit!

Tiny gap under the back of one side of his head.


Relieved to report that 2D is back to his fit self!

He’s the boss of my top shelf again.


Thank you Thia, Jeff and Mathias for your helpful advice. Also, thanks jewelry Youtube lady for showing me how NOT to open my glue.


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  1. Thia Miller says:

    WOO&HOO! Glad to see 2D survived! You did a really excellent job.
    [You could always get some thick-ish red string and tie it around his neck up high so it looks like a slashed throat.]

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