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6 Responses to “Contact Info”

  1. Francisco Bustamante says:

    Hi Beth,

    Just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you and to thank you for the wonderful sketch and sketch card. I have seen you before at previous conventions but Aspen is always busy and crowded and did not know about your Grumps project until this past weekend. So thank you so much for being so gracious and pleasent, I know it gets pretty exhausting for you. I will look for you at Long Beach if you are going to be there, I volunteered at the last LBCC and hopefully will do so again.
    Best of luck with Grumps!

    Francisco Bustamante

  2. Beth Sotelo says:

    Hi Francisco! You’re very welcome! Conventions are exhausting, but in a good way! It’s always nice to met everyone and find out how they’re liking the show or what books they’re into.

    I usually send out a twitter post, or blog post letting everyone know when a convention is coming up. Just post on that blog or twitter @Midimew and let me know you’ll be there too. If I know you’ll be at a convention I’m going to, I’ll be sure to bring stuff for you.

  3. Whitney says:

    Hello Beth

    I am looking for a link to a paypal account to purshasing one Joel Gomez commission artwork…for a 9×12 Ironman. I am going be in Vegas….I would like assistance so I can purchase it. It is for $100 dollars.

    By the way love your Harley Quinn.


  4. Beth Sotelo says:

    Hi Whitney. It looks like you were able to send payment for your Iron Man commission. Thank you! If you have any questions contact Joel or email me at

    See you in Vegas!

  5. Ruben says:

    Hello Beth.

    So sorry if you see this message twice, i wrote you a mail about a Kings of Leon illustration. You can answer me at my mail if you want.

    Thank you in advanced.

  6. Beth Sotelo says:

    Glad your friend liked the image!

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